Native Language

Our translations are processed by native language translators. Native speakers have all the special intuition for all the important little details of a language. This way the intended effect of a text is maintained through its translation. For this purpose, it is also important that the translator has perfect understanding of the source language. Based on small details the target audience can immediately see how professional a manual, for example, has been translated.

Independent Proofreading

All translations undergo an internal revision. The quality of a translation is best when it is independently verified by checking and correcting the text. For many orders a revision according to the four-eyes principle is put into practice. Stylistic and grammatical slips can happen to the best translators. These are detected during revision and seldom occur in the final product. This is an important cornerstone of quality management.

Meeting Deadlines

Performance is work over time. We always meet our deadlines. Maintaining our high quality standards also holds for orders of high urgency. As a matter of principle we only accept orders which we can complete in the given time span. If we notice that the given date of delivery might be too tight we would inform you of a more realistic date of delivery in our translation offer.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is important to us. In case you have justifiable reason for complaint of our translation you get your money back (terms and conditions). Our translation service is only satisfactory to us if you are happy with our product. Though not every satisfied customer is a returning customer, every returning customer is a satisfied customer. We know this and will do our best to win you or your company over as a regular customer. You always have exactly one contact person with us regardless of the scale of your order.


On demand you will receive a translated section of your text in advance to make sure you like the way we do our translations. Assure yourself of our exprtise especially in respect of specialized texts. Some businesses emphasize compliance with their corporate language. We want to show you that customer satisfaction is a top priority to us. When you submit a text via our online form, select a sample request at the corresponding menu item and specify the passage in the text where you want your sample to begin using the text area for remarks. The sample will be available along with our binding offer in the customer area.

BE or AE

You decide which of the two modes of English language will be applied in your order. Even though American and British English are one and the same language, in some cases there are differences in pronounciation, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation and in part also grammar. American English is gaining more and more significance also in comparison to British English. In part this is due to the large number of about 300 million native-speakers and the intense spreading of the language through American media and the Internet.

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