Company Concept

translate-24h is an online service for language translation. The aim is to offer an intuitive ordering process and quick translations of persistent high quality at low prices.

English enjoys the privilege of being the most significant world language and for this reason it is also important in German society. Large businesses in particular are dependent upon the English language. Please refer to the tool on the starting page for all additional language pairs.

Customers require high-quality translations which leave a good impression on the future readers. For this reason, translate-24h enlists only native-language translators. translate-24h organizes and accompanies each project in order to produce the best possible translation for every single customer.

Qualified translators and proofreaders are available for various subjects. This way we create fluent translations even for challenging source texts. Below you will find an introduction to the intuitive online ordering process.

How it works:

Select file and find out price immediately

Fill out the form

Wait for the offer and accept it

Your translation begins and will be made available for you to download, well-translated, on time and in the original file format.

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