How do I place a translation request?

Use our price estimator on the home page. In this way you can create your translation order in two easy steps. In the first step, upload your original document. The price estimator will automatically determin the amount of words to be translated. The original file is only used for the purposes of word and price determination; and under no circumstances will it be handed over to a third party or used in another way. You will immediately receive a non-binding price offer which is based on the published rates. You can order this offer directly online. For more complex pdf-files that in our experience contain a lot of non-analyzable figures, we ask you to enter the amount of words manually or they will be determined by us in hindsight. The second step consists of filling in your contact details and specifying the desired date of delivery on the form. If you have special information you want us to consider, please enter these in the provided textarea. This will help us create optimum translation results for you.

How do I receive my translation?

You will receive your documents well translated by translate-24 and in the original file format or another specially arranged format (e.g. Micorosft Word or pdf). You will be informed via E-Mail as soon as your translation is completed. In the customer area you can download the translated documents and look at invoices.

Does translate-24 offer certified translations?

Not yet. We regularly receive requests for certified translations of report cards or certificats. This service will likely be added in future.

What is an express translation?

Express translations are professional translations that are needed urgently by the customers. For these cases translate-24 offers an overnight translation service free of extra charge for translations that do not exceed 1000 words. Our customers benefit from the same high quality as our standard translations. This service is offered for the language pairs German English (AE/BE) and English German. Within a few hours you will recieve a professional translation corresponding to the respective specialized field.

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