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Welcome to translate-24h

 Your online translation office 
There are many reasons for text translations into foreign languages. English, for instance, is the most significant world language. Although there is free translation software, its automated translations can only provide satisfactory results for simple sentence structures. The aim of translation is usually the expansion of readership to people of other countries and is thus also a mediation between different cultures. An experienced translator transfers thoughts so that the audience understands the message as if it was authored in their own language from someone who shares their culture. We will translate your texts with the correct meaning and adapt the flow of language to the needs of the reader.


 Translations of various texts
translate-24h offers professional and affordable translations from German to English and some other languages ‒ for businesses and private customers. This translation office translates written material ranging from simple texts of everyday life to commercial texts including the following: websites, articles, instruction manuals, handbooks, localizations, magazines, subtitles, applications, forms, contracts, press releases, reports, software, and generally understandable specialized texts.

Working methods

 Professional, fast & affordable
translate-24h places high demands on all of its translations. For this reason the translations are done by native translator who ask the question whether the reader of the translation has been properly entertained, informed and convinced. They also ensure that the ideas of the German or English-speaking authors are presented clearly. Thorough planning enables translate-24h to keep arrangements and meet delivery dates. Your order will be processed with utmost care and confidentiality.

Professional German translation office translate-24h

translate-24h is your professional translation service for highest requirements. You can have your documents translated into German in a very short period of time. By specializing on the language combination English-German we are able to offer you highest quality translations. Professional translations require a lot of care on behalf of the translator as well as reliable knowledge of the corresponding terminology. Native-language translations of texts from and into German and English as well as proofreading of German texts.

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